The electric grills that most consumers use aren’t quite the same as a commercial electric BBQ grill used in various restaurants.

For one thing, a commercial electric BBQ grill is a hot metal plate that allows restaurant kitchens to produce a wide range of dishes on their menu.

A restaurant owner has to seriously consider several important things when investing in a commercial restaurant griddle. Things that have to be learned by any responsible restaurant owner when it comes to the restaurant griddle include:

  • The size of the commercial electric BBQ grill
  • The thickness of the griddle plate
  • The power source
  • The surface size of the griddle

The varied types of griddle

  • Clamshell griddles are smaller-sized griddles that cut the fat as it cooks fatter meat cuts. This type is popularly used for making thick sandwiches like grilled cheese and Panini with all the trimmings.
  • Flat griddles are the preferred style of griddle used for commercial purposes. The huge surface space provided by flat griddles allows restaurants to cook a variety of meals in one go. A complete breakfast of potatoes, bacon, and eggs can be cooked together using flat griddles. It’s the simplest form of a griddle that does not include the bells and whistles some other types of griddles offer.
  • Grooved griddles are the perfect choice for restaurants who want their clients to think of charcoal-cooked food. The grooves of the griddle are there to imitate the markings of meat, fish, and chicken grilled on a charcoal grill. Using grooved griddles allows restaurants to give their food authentic charcoal-grilled cooking to their main dishes. However, requiring more cleaning time is probably the #1 con of this type of griddle.

With this said, making the cooking experience more pleasurable as well as add value to your restaurant business is by choosing the right commercial electric BBQ grill.

Electric Countertop Griddle

The precision controls of various electric countertop griddle models allow you to set the desired temperature to its three sections. The right temperature allows quick cooking of complete meals. Wiping them off with a clean cloth at the end of the day is the only thing needed to maintain the griddle for a long time.

A removable grease tray is another great feature of electric countertop griddles. This allows frequent, fast, and convenient clean-ups throughout the day.

Electric Char Broilers

The grooved plates feature of electric char broilers is a popular choice for restaurants to provide their clients with an authentic grilling experience. The grill marks left on sandwiches, chicken, and meat cuts give off an air of charcoal grilling.

The thermostat controls of electric char broilers allow cooks to set 4 different food temperatures ideal for the different dishes. While the price tag of electric char broilers is a bit steep, their durability, flexibility, and fast cooking make them worth the expense.

Infrared Electric Grill

A restaurant focused mainly on making large quantities of sandwiches will find a convenient partner in an infrared electric grill. The large surface space allows volume and varied cooking from sandwiches, omelettes, burritos, wraps, and enchiladas.

The ultimate cooking and barbecuing experience ideal for restaurants are provided by the various models of commercial electric BBQ.