What technology does mining use?

Nowadays, technology is taking over in the world. Wherever you go, you will realize that the way of doing things has really changed. These changes have also taken over in the field of mining. The technology that has been applied in mining has really increased the performance of the miners ad also reduces the amount of time that the miners require to use in the mining sites. Most people always ask how miners can use technology, but just like the other fields, technology is very important. Let us discuss what technology mining uses.

1.    Use of robots

The use of robot technology in mining is called robotic. The miners use devices that are like robots in mining. These robotic devices can carry out different activities such as blasting, drilling, bolting, rescuing trapped miners, ore sampling and hauling. While miners are trapped after an accident in the mines, the robots are trusted in saving the lives of these miners.

2. 3D imaging technologies

Before the miners dig out the minerals, they require exploring the mines very keenly. The miners require 3D imaging technologies so that they can explore the mines. Though the 3D imaging technologies have been widely used by so many miners for a very long period of time, it has still been upgraded. The 3 D imaging technologies has now been upgraded to a level that the miners are using the 3D laser scanning. The 3D laser scanning uses the laser light so that it can capture some data from the mines. The data that the 3D laser scanning captures is used by geologists in the following activities:

–          Building  3D geological maps

–          Exploring the mines

–          Scheduling mines

3. Automated drilling

In the field of mining, the miners are not very safe when operating heavy machinery in the mining sites, especially when they are drilling using the drill machines. For this reason, there is a need to apply automated drills in the mining sites so that they can not only improve and ensure the safety of the miners and also increase the mining efficiency. Apart from the automated drilling, miners also use the teleoperated drills. The two types of drills have been improvised in a way that they can drill in the mines from any location in the mining sites.

4. Plasma technology

To increase the quality and quantity of metals like gold, silver and platinum that has been mined by the miners, they make use of the plasma technology. In other cases the miners use the plasma technology with radio frequency technology.

5. Copper-eating bacteria

The waste products in the mining sites are either disposed or disposed as substitutes for other mining processes. However, some of the minerals that are in the waste products must be recovered. The copper eating bacteria is a technology that is used in mining. This technology helps the miners in recovering the minerals, especially copper, by introducing microorganisms.